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Choking is a risk for kids ages 3 or younger, because they tend to put objects in their mouths. Manufacturers follow guidelines and label most new toys for specific age groups. But the most important thing a parent can do — especially when it comes to younger children — is to supervise play. The U. Steer clear of older toys, even hand-me-downs from friends and family.

These might not meet current safety standards. And make sure a toy isn't too loud for your child. The noise of some rattles, squeak toys, and musical or electronic toys can be as loud as a car horn — even louder if a child holds it directly to the ears — and can damage hearing. It was opened using a secret code that was once special — before the fingerprint technology we have today. These gadgets were effectively the male version of Dear Diaries. What secrets did you record on these things? Every kid had one of these in the s. What started off as a stick with three simple buttons quickly evolved into the Bop It Extreme 2 — a five-levered toy!

Just make sure that all the pieces are still in working order and that the condition is good. Batteries not included! Girl Power? More like Girl Power! Back when these five girls were the biggest band on the planet, they had dolls made of themselves. Posh, Baby, Ginger, Scary, and Sporty respectively. Some of these dolls are worth hundreds of dollars. Imagine how much it will be worth as an entire set?

All those medals and badges you earned growing up might be worth something more than just pride and satisfaction! Since fewer people are joining the boy scouts today, these vintage items are a trip down memory lane. If you a well-behaved boy scout, you might be in for a nice surprise! Another toy to capture the hearts of millions, the G. Kids everywhere ran to the nearest stores to pick one up.

The technology at the time was revolutionary, although some may look at it today as nothing more than a paperweight. You can still make a bit of money from your iPod if you have one lying around the house. Just make sure it still works and delete your cheesy s hits! The King of Pop was the biggest star in the world until his death in — and his legacy will always live on in his music.

Sasha and Max plays with Kitchen Toys and opens Restaurant

For dedicated fans, they can also collect a rare doll in his image. Moonwalk up to your attic and see if you have one lying around! For those who collected a bunch of accessories for their Barbie doll might be in for a treat when they find out the value of some of them today. See if you have one of these lying around at home and maybe eBay will reward you! Some go for thousands! Man, people lost their minds over Tickle Me Elmo back in the s! Parents were on the hunt for these things all over the country and were happy to pay hefty prices.

Today, it appears the investment was worth it. Will you be laughing as hard as Elmo when you cash out for hundreds of dollars?

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Lunch boxes were a staple of olden times, with every child carrying one to school. Some of the classic boxes featuring Snoopy, The Beatles, or Superman, can rack up hundreds of dollars. The value depends on the design. Which one do you have? The binocular-type devices were used to view photos, mainly of tourist sites from around the world. They were used on Disneyland rides but have been quickly replaced by smartphones in recent years.

Like most things in life.

Do You Own These Vintage Toys? They Might Be Worth A Fortune

If you have any of these still lying around — it might be worth a trade. This little girl was introduced to the world in as the red-headed protagonist of The World of Strawberry Shortcake. Created by Muriel Fahrion, the character inspired TV shows, films, toys, and, of course, merchandise. Do you remember these dolls, and do you still have one? Typewriters were all the rage until computers came along and swiftly labeled them obsolete.

These high-pressure water guns were the peak of summer for young children in the s and s. Over time, they have become more advanced and technical — almost taking the fun out of them. If you grew up in the s you probably had a Woody or Buzz Toy from the famous franchise. With the fourth film hitting cinemas in , the world will surely meet a few more characters, so be sure to stock up while the price is low! Some games are more valuable than others, and Mario Kart 64 takes the crown for the highest value. Who are you gonna call? The appraiser, of course! If you have one of these Ghostbusters toys then you might be in for an early payday.

Today, Ghostbusters films are still going strong with a new one as recent as A chance to pick up more toys! As well as toys, there were merchandise, hats, t-shirts, mugs, and action figures. No wonder they keep creating more dinos in the lab! Look out for the Carnotaurus, Gallimimus and the T-Rex. Furbys were electronic toys which boasted their own language, much to the annoyance of parents everywhere. Their gibberish was screamed across the room and their eyes rolled around — bizarrely becoming one of the biggest toys of the s.

In the s there were million little ponies sold in the US, which is absolutely mental. From , they became an instant hit for young girls with their magical and colorful designs.

Even today their popularity is still going strong. Make sure you still have some of the original packaging and treat yourself to a high reward! For now, nostalgic players will be able to remember this game as one of its best.


I Joe has always been a popular toy among s kids, and he often came with many accessories. One piece of merchandise was particularly desirable: the battle tank. Parents everywhere tried to get their kids this piece of army action. Remember, it should probably be kept in its original boxes and mint condition.

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If you played with one of these, you might be in for a treat! Everyone loved these cartoon characters in the s. Well, if you had the toys back then, you might like them a little more! No need to rely on pristine condition: get selling today! Talk about a strong return on investment! We like those odds. For most, the Sega Genesis was the first video game console they ever had. Special shout out to Sonic the Hedgehog — the game that kept kids busy for hours after school each day.

This is one of the rarest games that belong to the PlayStation from the early s. Because of the attack, the distribution was restricted and only a number of copies went for sale. The reason it was restricted is that it features an American flag getting burnt in the game.

Choosing Safe Toys

This, rightly, was deemed inappropriate and its sales suffered. Do you have a copy lying around? He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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