The Type VII U-boat

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  • Type VII U-boat!
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Type VII U-Boat Submarine

Highly inspired by Unterseeboot Has a few experimental design decisions, all of which are working adequately. Built for multiplayer specifically. Bring feedback. Last edited by Weeng on Wed Jun 05, pm, edited 27 times in total.

Re: [0. Definitely helps to understand the german signs here. Love how cramped this feels.

The Hidden Dangers of Serving on a German U-boat During WW2

The torpedo dispensers for more rods is another nice touch. Only being able to shoot straight I guess in addition is a bit harsh, though but only consistent and following through with the akin to real-life vessel feel but those do have seeking torps. A real beauty you are sharing here.

Thank you! Totally complete with the detailed design, very nice!

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Happy to hear you used the Unterseeboot as inspiration I am afraid however I cannot put it in roulation on BT Public 1, the population is too wide ranged to have the crew work together and understand what needs to happen. Still I think this is a very nice addition to RP and private servers! A re-wiring update that fixes misplaced wiring may or may not come in the future cause im too lazy to do it at the moment. Updated the DL link.

The Type VII U-Boat

LandonGam3r wrote: New kind of submarine where the crew actually has to work together. LandonGam3r wrote: Happy to hear you used the Unterseeboot as inspiration!

Submarine Type VII U-boat

Spoiler it doesnt. Last edited by Weeng on Mon Nov 20, pm, edited 1 time in total. Did you just Red Dwarf reference me?

A biggie. And now I guess it finally IS complete, though you do bring in here any weird stuff you may encounter. Regarding that manual, well im too lazy atm.

Basic information

Probably later. Updated the OP-post DL link.

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Celtic12 wrote: Did you Last edited by Weeng on Sat Dec 23, pm, edited 1 time in total. I find this submarine to be the best looking one, and it's very functional too, but even though I have my Das-Boot glossary book handy near me, it'd still be very useful to know the translations, functions and know where is what. Any update on the guide, or is there anyone who's willing to teach people?