The Playboy Interview: Music Men

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I made up my mind to outdo anybody white on my horn. All I want is to get to know them and hope to get sexually involved. Did I encourage it? There's another answer.

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Well, I like both. I can hear Sgt. Pet Sounds still sounds great to me.

GRACE JONES - Playboy Profile (1986)

Hell, I once heard a radio interview with Paul McCartney in which he said that after hearing Pet Sounds, he had to do something like Sgt. And he was right.

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Brian Wilson is the greatest. The root of his personal problem was that he did genius work and never got recognition for it from the man in the street. He took a real artistic risk. How, then, do you deal with the cocaine consciousness supposedly rampant in the industry? If I want a line, I may have one. It made me weird. I lost my temper regularly. I got into those huge depressions.

Bruno Mars appears in the April Sex and Music issue of Playboy magazine

But I never looked at is as if I were some big drug addict. I do smoke a lot of marijuana, though. It helps keep me level. It makes some people paranoid, lazy, or sleepy. Not me. I enjoy a good joint. Alcohol tends to fuck things up in the business more than drugs do. Most of the musicians who are supposed to be great junkies are just drunks. You once met him. What was that like? And what did you think of the Albert Goldman bio? I never gave a fuck about how many women he had or about girls in cotton panties.

If I died tonight and Goldman came to find out what sort of panties I liked on a girl, I wonder who could give him the straight poop? Who could give him the dirt? Goldman is a real jerk. Another guy cashing in on Elvis. As for meeting Elvis, I was 11 years old.

The Miles Davis Playboy Interview - Jerry Jazz Musician

And trailers. And Elvis in a white Cadillac. He looked great. I had been driving a rented Camaro, and I liked it.

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Then I paid the guy cash and was broke again. Do you really like them? And she gets fucked up trying. The American girl. I know they moved me, but they were trying to kill me. I could see him about five layers of people away. They rip me up. Bruce can walk through them. I think they look at him as their buddy. With me, there seems to be some violent or sexual vibes. But there is a definite sexual thing to the show. Girls enjoy it tremendously.

That would be boring, you know? I just keep my eyes open. Even when I do, I never do it graphically. He is. Elvis was.

Will you?