The Management of Maritime Regulations

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A person who carries out specific activities for which a maritime document is required or who operates a maritime transport operation i.


The requirements for maritime documents are set by maritime rules. The following table will help you determine if a maritime document is required and your activity is therefore excluded from the Adventure Activities Regulations :. Both systems place emphasis on operator responsibility for managing all hazards in their maritime transport operation.

If you operate activities off your boat, or activities that are not specifically covered by a maritime rule, then those activities will not be assessed as part of your maritime document application. If those activities are adventure activities, you will need to be registered with WorkSafe. If your activities are covered more than one regime you do not need to develop two sets of documentation. Your safety management plan can cover all the maritime- based activities you provide, including those that require a maritime document and those covered by the Adventure Activities Regulations.

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The focus of the safety audits themselves will be different, but can be undertaken based on one set of documents. Maritime New Zealand and WorkSafe will continue to refine their processes to provide a seamless approach across the agencies. As noted in the table above, any activity that meets the definition of an adventure activity and is not core to a rafting operating — such as cliff jumping or river boarding — must be audited in accordance with the adventure activity regulations and the operator registered with WorkSafe.

If you operate in the maritime industry for example, as a maritime transport operator or a seafarer and are registered with WorkSafe as an adventure activity operator, you will still need to comply with all applicable duties and requirements under the Maritime Transport Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act It is estimated that 90 per cent of commodities transported worldwide are carried by ships.

Overview of the recent regulatory framework in maritime industry

Therefore there is great interest from many private and public organizations that those ships are operating, manned, designed and maintained within international acceptable standards. The obligation of stakeholders to comply with maritime regulations is included in most statutory and commercial agreements and therefore inadequate implementation of maritime regulations exposes stakeholders to commercial risks.

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This book explores how the application of mathematical decision-making tools could be used to manage maritime regulations. Performance management tools are proposed which would allow stakeholders to monitor the regulatory performance of their organization in order to reduce or eliminate those commercial risks.

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The process of introducing an implementation process for maritime regulations worldwide is described within this text. An emphasis is put on the role of main stakeholders in the regulatory process and reasons that increase the willingness of stakeholders to participate in the implementation of regulations. We also support the adoption of all available methods for complying with the regulation to reduce the impact on human health and the environment.

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We are working with partners on alternative fuel and propulsion projects to address a low carbon future. As at the end of , 76 ballast water treatment systems had been granted type approval.

As at the end of , 15 ballast water treatment systems had received the final USCG type approval. We support the enforcement of the ballast water management regulation to reduce the spread and impact of invasive marine organisms.

Ship management provides advisory services to owners and operators for the management of compliant ballast water treatment systems. The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships aims to ensure that ships, when recycled, do not pose any unnecessary risks to human health, safety or to the environment.

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Norway was the first country to sign the convention.