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We have a vegetable garden as well, which is great but even so, I felt I needed to push the meat out of the way for a while and recalibrate the whole approach. Now the meat has come back in a more balanced way and I feel better about it than ever.

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Some of the time we have to build meals just from vegetables. Did you like vegetables as a kid? No, in fact some of the vegetables I hated the most I love now. We were invited to their house in the middle of the summer for lunch and I ate a tomato. I remember the first time putting a cherry tomato in my mouth and that explosion. Kale seems to be the vegetable of the moment.

River Cottage Veg

What is the unsung vegetable in your garden? They pack a lot of flavor, and they are very resilient. These are the veg that when they are young and fresh we can eat them raw and we can play with texture and cut them very thin or small. Then you can roast them in great chunks, or long tapering slices, where one end is almost burnt and chewy and the other end is soft and tender. Roots underpin a lot of dishes in the book and we do things to them that we more conventionally do to meat or fish.

Get some caramelization on them! I love to cook with them. But between the pea and the broad bean, I think it would be the broad bean. When they get really really big you can dry them and use them as a dried pulse. By Marissa Rothkopf Bates blogs at www. Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here.

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River Cottage Veg Every Day! by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Marissa Rothkopf Bates. More from pw. You can grind your own spices for this generous, all-in-one rice dish, or use a good ready-made curry paste for an easy option. This week's top Food TV picks. Matthew Evans dives deep into the question 'what does what I eat, eat? SBS On Demand. Watch all of Season 1 as Frank Pinello explores the incredible world of pizza from Chicago's deep dish to the New York 'fold'.

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Jun 11, River Cottage Summer Garden Soup. Photo: Simon Wheeler Serves 6. Tear the leaves from the chard stalks and shred them; cut the stalks into small pieces.

Heat a saucepan over medium heat and add the butter and oil. Add the fennel, celery, green onions, and chard stalks and cook gently for about 10 minutes, until soft but not colored. Add the stock and bring to a simmer.